Quest Diagnostics®
Public Health—our insights can help you provide a path to healthy communities
Quest Diagnostics is uniquely positioned to help public health organizations prevent disease, promote health, and protect the public.

60+ billion clinical, deidentified data points

Data that are days old vs months or years old

Powerful data visualization that helps drive action

Medical and scientific experts available to collaborate on data analysis and recommendations

The insights you may need

Data-driven analytics and expertise from Quest to empower informed programs

Understanding of diseases and conditions

  • Prevalence
  • Demographics
  • Comorbidity conditions

Exploring the longitudinal community experience

  • Potential for disease intervention
  • Community needs at each point along the journey

Analyzing impact of interventions

  • Change of behaviors
  • Post-intervention gaps and needs
  • Intervention performance and impact on overall health

Monitoring change in the community

  • Monitor the long-term impact of the intervention
  • Look for new opportunities to make improvements

At every step, population health benchmarks available at the national, state, regional, or local level

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Quest Public Health solutions and services are part of a unified, “one health” approach to healthier communities
Solutions that can be customized and scaled to meet your needs
Services that help you take action to address what matters to you and your community
  • Partner with you to develop population cohorts
  • Evaluate intervention opportunities
  • Identify gaps in care
  • Forecast intervention impact 
  • Integrate available data that may include:
  • Rx history
  • Referral patterns
  • Longitudinal considerations
  • Geographic considerations
  • Insights into physician treatment behaviors
  • Comorbidities
  • Create condition profiles
  • Stratify patient conditions
  • Protect data privacy
  • Deidentify data
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Structure, analyze, and interpret data 
  • Identify unmet needs and key opportunities
  • Consult with Quest data scientists, statisticians, and data experts
  • Unique, actionable insights
  • Reports that are clear and easy to understand
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting on the impact of initiatives 
"Strong clinical and commercial laboratories are the foundation for accurate and timely disease diagnosis, prevention, and control, and are vital to improve the health and safety  of Americans.”
1. Khani, J. Labs and public health: a critical partnership during the pandemic, and beyond. LinkedIn. May 7, 2021. Accessed December 6, 2022.

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