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1 in 3 COVID-19 patients were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric disorder within 6 months of infection

A study of over 230,000 patients shows the potential detriment to brain health following a COVID-19 infection

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Studies suggest between 36-86% of COVID-19 patients show neurological symptoms.

Learn more about who is at an increased risk, what you can do as a clinician, and the importance of a full work up for patients with symptoms of COVID-19.

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Meet our neurology medical director, Dr. Michael Racke

Dr. Michael Racke discusses the neurological complications of COVID-19, including the long-term side effects some patients experience weeks and months after infection.

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How does COVID-19 interact with the nervous system?

Explore primary insights into how the virus interacts with the central and peripheral nervous system, and can influence care for patients with neurological diseases.

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