We’re joining the movement for health equity

Good health should be in reach for everyone. That’s why we’re taking a stand by committing to:

Taking action to address health disparities.

Uniting with like-minded partners who want to help.

Powering lasting change with ongoing education.

If you share our vision, explore the rest of this site to see how you can join the Quest for Health Equity.

What we’re going to do

COVID-19 has widened an already unfair gap, hurting financially and socially disadvantaged communities. Now, Quest Diagnostics wants to help level the playing field.

Through Quest for Health Equity, we’ll:

  • Provide COVID-19 testing for groups in need, and those that serve them
  • Fund programs that address the root causes of health inequities
  • Lead education efforts that support lasting habits

But we can’t do it alone. To make real change, we need partners to join us on this journey.

If this sounds like you, sign up to learn how you can help.

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