As the transplant testing process becomes increasingly complex, health system and transplant center leaders seek more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage it. Meanwhile, as clinicians report greater burnout rates than ever before, a streamlined testing experience can go a long way toward supporting them. And patients who’ve delayed testing and other procedures during the pandemic can benefit from testing convenience and affordability.

Here for you with an end-to-end transplant testing solution

Quest Advanced Specialized Transplant Services is committed to providing superior end-to-end clinical, patient, and operational transplant testing experiences. We’re here for you, your clinicians, and your patients with accelerated turnaround times, a dedicated service team, and an infrastructure built for access and efficiency.
  • Technology to accommodate custom order panels, which transplant centers and health systems can build based on guidelines
  • A straightforward and collaborative onboarding process
  • Extensive insurance coverage and billing support to help ensure donors are never billed and to make the process easier for health systems
  • Comprehensive transplant test portfolio, including testing aligned to established medical protocols and in-office collection packs for easy ordering
  • Longitudinal patient data for long-term post-transplant monitoring
  • Expedited turnaround times, including 24 hours for donor testing and 8-12 hours for post-transplant testing,* enabling expedited care decisions
  • EMR integration and easy ordering and tracking, including FedEx shipping packs and codes, for streamlined workflows
  • Dedicated customer operations team to oversee in-lab specimen tracking
  • Tools for patient engagement, including testing reminders based on orders that haven't been fulfilled

*8- to 12-hour resulting for most assays when shipped via FedEx with a Quest shipping pack. Turnaround time is based on when sample is received in our lab.

  • 2,200+ Patient Service Centers, staffed by a knowledgeable and dedicated team, for convenient test access and positive patient experiences
  • In-network status with UnitedHealthcare®, Aetna®, Horizon®, and other leading health plans for low or no out-of-pocket costs
  • Access to the MyQuest® patient portal to schedule tests and track, access, and understand test results
  • Real-Time Estimation and EZPay services to reduce surprise billing
  • Patient Assistance Program that may adjust some or all lab charges if patients can’t afford their testing

Here for easy specimen collection

Our transplant testing packs provide a simple, convenient way to screen for infectious disease in donors and post-transplant recipients. Each pack includes the necessary components for specimen collection, packing, and transport. Watch our collection instruction video to see how it works.

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A collaborative approach for superior end-to-end transplant testing
experiences for health systems, clinicians, and patients.

The transformation of transplant diagnostics: is your lab ready?

How well does your lab meet heightened expectations? Organ transplantation has evolved, and the lab should mirror that transformation. Learn what you should expect from a transplant diagnostics provider beyond standard testing.
1. Quest Diagnostics. Data on file. 2020. Based on the number of individual tests run and frequency of testing ordered for a typical patient.
2. United Network for Organ Sharing. 2022 organ transplants again set annual records. Published January 10, 2023. Accessed January 11, 2023.